DIY tDCS Start Here


New to DIYtDCS? This is the ‘start here’ collection of articles and posts.

  1. DIYtDCS Feed, last 50 articles
  2. My Twitter feed focuses on breaking tDCS research. @DIYtDCS
  3. My Reddit account, where it’s okay to explore the fringes. DIYtDCS
  4. Recommended device? (29V / 2mA model. Promo code ‘diytdcs’ for discount)
  5. Best instruction video for C3/Motorcortex & F3/DLPFC electrode placement.
  6. Is this (tDCS for depression in pregnancy) the first ‘killer app’?
  7. Cognitive Enhancement with Noninvasive Brain Stimulation (video) Roy Hamilton MD
  8. Simple Montage list with electrode placement and research sources.
  9. Marom Bikson & Peter Toshev ‘Your Electric Pharmacy‘ (excellent overview/intro).
  10. Marom Bikson Presentation on State of the Art tDCS 8/13.
  11. My podcast interviews – deep dives into tDCS with key players (iTunes link)
  12. tDCS SubReddit is where the action is. Now with tDCS FAQ!
  13. An ‘Open tDCS’ project.
  14. Dr. Brent Williams’ DIY device and protocol.
  15. Zap your brain into the zone: Fast track to pure focus
  16. Better Living Through Electrochemistry
  17. Clinical tDCS trials seek volunteers. All. Search. (Example: “tDCS AND Los Angeles”)
  18. Neuroscience: Brain buzz Nature Magazine
  19. DLPFC / F3 Locator (you’ll need a tape measure with Centimeters)
  20. Searchable database of tDCS articles from
  21. 10–20 international system
  22. Kadosh The Stimulated Brain: Cognitive Enhancement Using NIBS