Stimulating the Creative Brain – Morten Friis-Olivarius | PlatoScience

 Stimulating the Creative Brain | Morten Friis-Olivarius | TEDxOslo PlatoWork neurostimulation device manual. Shown here (from the video) working on the PlatoWork prototype. Note montage which according to the talk, would be focused on increasing creativity. In the … Continue reading

HD tACS to Synchronize Medial Frontal Cortex & Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Leads to Improved Executive Function

[Update 4/19] Reinhart Lab has a new paper out that is going to attract a lot of attention. Using HD-tACS, they were able to improve Working Memory in older adults (compared to younger adults). This article nicely summarizes the experiment: … Continue reading

A technical guide to tDCS, and related non-invasive brain stimulation tools | Clinical Neurophysiology

Many of the leading tDCS researchers contribute to this Open Access article on clinical application of transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) techniques. Read it online, or download the pdf. (HatTip to Reddit user gi67) 1. Introduction 2. Transcranial direct current stimulation … Continue reading

Here’s What Zapping Your Brain with Electricity Feels Like | LiveScience

Interesting to note that Michael Weisend is now associated with San Francisco based company Rio Grande Neurosciences. The current was set to 2 milliamps, about 1,000 times less than the electrical current that flows through a typical iPad charger. But … Continue reading

Tdcs Journal Entry 1 | Steve Hockenyos

Steve Hockenyos is demonstrating a montage he got from which purports to Improve Insightfulness (Cathode T3, Anode T4). The ‘BraiNet Placement Cap’ Steve is using can be found at (For comparison, have a look at Soterix’s, ‘Easy Strap‘.) … Continue reading