Buy a DIY Brain Supercharger for $100 – Businessweek

Photograph by Matt Sornson

It should be noted that Sornson studies marketing, not neuroscience, and the rest of his crew specialize in software and website design. “This machine will be designed for people interested in experimental use,” Sornson says.

The GoFlow β1 has yet to go on sale, but there are some specs available. It will cost $99 and come with a 60-pack of disposable electrodes, a placement map, and a 5-milliamps safety fuse, which is nice. Sornson has started to contact professors at Michigan State and Western Michigan University about conducting tests with the contraption—and hopefully adding some scientific rigor to the device.


via Buy a DIY Brain Supercharger for $100 – Businessweek.
GoFlow has a video now.

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