DIYtDCS aggregates snippets of content around the latest developments in Transcarnial Direct Current Stimulation. The site is borne out of my own curiosity. I myself am not an expert in either electronics or neuroscience and am therefore probably not the best person to answer your difficult question!
To talk to people who are actively developing and testing DIY tDCS devices, I highly recommend you check out the tDCS SubReddit.


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    • Hi Martin. Very interesting project. I had a look at Steen Dissing’s device in 2015. I’m going to update that post with links to your project and put it on top of the blog. Keep me posted!

  1. hi john
    I want to build a programable protable TDCs as well as “https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281175051” but i have limited access to electronic components in my country!!!
    I want to Build the device circuit with arduino attiny85 , LM134 and MCP4131. It’s all my creature!!!!!!!
    how we can do it ? 🙁
    Kind regards,

    • I have not seen a device constructed specifically to have dual anodes. That said, have a look at the Focus Cable Pack https://www.foc.us/focus-tdcs-brain-stimulation-cables and see if you could design your configuration using cables. These cables were designed to go with the Focus Hydrogel electrodes (which may be out of stock and either way are not recommended), but you could modify them to work with Amrex styled electrodes. Another option would be 2 GoFlows. What is the use case?

  2. Anyone, Please Help — Positioning of Electrodes, Location of Points on my Head

    Anyone — Please let me know what I can do to learn how to position the electrodes. I am very worried about putting them in the wrong place or putting them in a useless place. Is there some kind of service that I could use to create a cap that fit my head that would come back with all the points? Even if I have a ‘montage’, there’s little use if I can’t place electrodes in the proper position.



  3. Dear John,
    I want to use tDCS for students with Learning Disorder (LD).
    I need to know what previous researches or interventions have learned about it.
    What kind of protocols are there for it?
    Has anybody used it for reading. spelling , writing , or math disorder?
    Please guide me.

  4. Hi John,
    I am writing an article for PHYSICS NEWS which is a bulletin of the Indian Physics Association. I wish to use your image for presenting the 10 20 electrode positioning system. I would be grateful if you allow me to use this image.

    • Fine with me, though most of the content on this blog, especially images, is sourced from elsewhere on the web. I try to use open source images, but I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. Best, John

  5. Hey John, thanks for the great content. We are a tech startup preparing to launch a consumer wearable device for helping people deal with their addictions through transcranial electrical stimulation. We are currently focusing on smoke, although we are interested in moving to other kind of addictions later on. If you want, you can check and maybe share our website http://levo.life/ and facebook page for anybody interested https://www.facebook.com/yourlevo/

    • Hi Marco, I’ll definitely give it a look see again and may be able to get the word out once there’s a little more ‘there’ there. i.e. When I can see the device in use on your site. Best, John

  6. Hey, we’re a neurotechnology startup with interests in the developing world. We’ve used tDCS in Pakistan for stroke rehabilitation, treat depression, anxiety and schizophrenia effectively and cost-efficiently. A lot of what we learned was from this website and the tDCS forum on Reddit. Would appreciate if you could give this a look, and maybe share with the community! Thank you for your time and all you’re doing. https://lucidtech.me/secondhand-smoke-429b2df79530#.d1tkdv4aq

    • Haseeb, that’s very interesting. The video of Fayyaz is great. Some before and after and treatment protocol videos would be great. I’m happy to share your link here but nudge me again when you’re a little further along with the website and I’ll share it properly. Best and good luck!

  7. Hey John. Really nice site you’ve got here. I am writing my thesis on sacral nerve stimulation for fecal incontinence and I have been examining pateints using evoked potentials recorded after ao-rectal baloon stiluamtions. I was looking for an illustration of the 10-20 system and I can across yours. Would it be okay for me to use it as an illustration in me thesis (accrediing you, of cause)? Best wishes, Susanne Haas MD

    • Hi Susanne, sounds like some interesting research. I’m not sure where I got that image, I didn’t create it. I know this one is in the Public Domain (via Wikipedia). Best, John

  8. I am the secretary of a small association called PSILAB from Barcelona, Spain. It is registered in the University of Barcelona UB, Spain, the association is made up of psychologists and psychology students, our goal is make some experiments of psychology.
    I need to buy a TDCS device so that It can be used in blind/sham modes and some electrodes and sponges of the size 5×7= 35cm2, for replay the experiment that made Richard P. Chi and Allan W. Snyder on creativity: Facilitate Insight by Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, this is the email address, where you can watch the experiment from Allan Snyder:

    The problem is that for this year the university only can give me 1000€ for this research.
    The only tDCS companies with blind/sham modes that have a cheap price and that I have found are:
    Could you advise me which of these tDCS companies deserves the utmost confidence for my research?

    Kind regards
    Jaume Esteve

    • Hi Jaume, Considering your situation, a very tight budget, I’d probably go with the Focus v2. According to their blog the v2 software has sham and double-blind abilities. Order one from the UK store, check it out and if it doesn’t meet your research specs, return it within 30 days. And yes, Caputron for standard electrodes. (Voucher code diytdcs for discount). Please keep me updated. If you want to write a blog post describing your project I’d be happy to publish it here and update as things progress. Best, JohnH

      • Hello JhonH
        I have been speaking with foc.us company by email, but the last email that I sent to them, they didn’t answer me because I wrote: I would like to by a focus V2 tDCS but I prefer to buy electrodes and sponges in other store, because I need to size 5×7 for the research.
        Caputron Medical offered me a tDCS with blind/sham modes (new device special for research) for only 500€ with electrodes and sponges of the size 5×7 and this company collaborates with Soterix company, where I can by some accesories.
        Trans-cranial company offered me a tDCS with blind/sham modes for only 535€ with electrodes and sponges of the size 5×7
        Tdcs-kit offered me a tDCS customized with blind/sham modes for 200€ with the possibility of being able to connect to electrodes of other brands.
        What do you think about this information?
        Kind regards

        • Hi Jaume, I’m probably biased, because I don’t personally know tdcs-kit or Trans-cranial, but my vote would go to Caputron. Some of their guys were part of R&D for Soterix so I know they know their stuff. Also, they’re very eager to please right now, getting their company off the ground. Probably you heard my interview with Robin https://www.diytdcs.com/2015/08/robin-azzam-of-caputron-medical-diytdcs-podcast-5/. I’m sure they’d work closely with you to get you what you needed. (But clarifying, I wouldn’t have expected Focus to supply different electrodes, I would have ordered electrodes from Caputron separately)
          Thanks for letting me know about the devices/prices. Keep me posted!

          • Hi John

            Thanks you very much for you attention, now I understand things better

            Kind regards


          • Hello John

            I have studied the tDCS from low prices with sham-control mode and I have arrived to conclusion that the best company is http://www.trans-cranial. com with the tDCS stimulator kit (Research version) for 610$.

            Do you know about this company from Honk kong?

            Kind regards

            Jaume Esteve

          • Hi Jaume, Can you tell me how you came to choose trans-cranial? I don’t know much about them. Were you corresponding with them directly? I would suggest you ask the same question on the r/tDCS list.

  9. HI! I’m attempting to use TDCS to see its effect on my chronic stutter/aphasia. From extensive reading on meta analysis I pulled that my brain very likely has these important abnormalities..
    -hypoactivity in cortical areas associated with language processing, such as Broca’s area,
    -hyperactivity in areas associated with motor function

    Can you advise me on montage placements based on this knowledge?

  10. Hi John (and anyone else that may have input on this issue),
    Has anyone purchased product from foc.us (Transcranial, Ltd, London, UK) recently?
    After over a month of no response, I’ve had to enter a claim with Paypal to hopefully retrieve funds.
    What puzzles me is that there seems to been fairly recent activity on the web of successful contact with foc.us.
    I dabbled in what is now called tDCS back in the early 1970s when the devices were called “alpha machines” (for the 8-12Hz pulsed frequency range).
    The foc.us device looked like a nice design (ARM processor, etc.), but maybe they’re out of business?
    Or is there a problem with customs and the FDA, etc?
    Thanks in advance for any insight to this problem,
    John W.

    • Hi John. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. You could try asking over at the tDCS subReddit as well. My sense is that they are still very much in business. The problem might be that they’re overwhelmed. My understanding is that they are a small team. They obviously have Customer Relations issues because this has come up before. If you get an update, please let us know.

      • John,
        Thanks for your quick reply … don’t you just love the web.
        I failed to specifically mention that over the last few months I’ve sent several emails to help]AT[foc.us.com and mike]AT[foc.us.com with NO human response — just auto-responder email replies.
        But specifically … question for you … the entries that I see on your site, can I assume that the existing customer base may be getting attention as to firmware upgrades, etc.?
        Maybe those are all robo-type interactions … no humans required.
        I’d rather get the device than a refund!
        I’ll hit the subReddit site.

        • The mike]AT[foc.us email address is how I’ve communicated previously with Foc.us. But now I’m curious. What does your tracking info say? I do see their Twitter feed is recently active. I will run a CS question across their bow.

          • Hopefully your prod will help.
            I’d really rather not escalate my Paypal dispute to a claim … I’d rather eventually get the device.
            You’d think whoever at foc.us could have at least just emailed me a progress report.
            No response makes it appear they’re bankrupt.
            Thanks for your help.

          • Forgot to answer your question …
            The only “tracking” info that I have is an invoice number.
            I’ve asked them for a Fedex or DHL (or whoever) tracking number, but have received absolutely no response to any of my emails.

          • Just for completeness …
            I also have a Paypal transaction number as well as the foc.us invoice number.
            Note that the foc.us site states …
            “You will receive an email when the order is placed, another when your money is taken, and a third when your order ships. All orders will be shipped in the order they are received.”
            “All orders ship from our London, UK warehouse. Orders are normally processed the next business day and ship to US in 2 days with FedEx or DHL.”
            However, in my case, none of those events have occurred, and it’s been over four weeks … but my Paypal account was billed instantly.
            It’s just a simple matter of them managing customer expectations. I do wish them success, but they need to manage their customers much better.
            Who knows, maybe they’re all on vacation.

        • I too am having exactly the same issue with foc.us and there’s similar issues noted on the facebook page. any help greatly appreciated.

          • Now received shipping confirmation so maybe everything is ok. Will report back if it doesn’t arrive.

          • Yes, good to hear.
            How did they communicate the shipping information to you … via email?
            And if I can ask, did you use Paypal for the transaction?

        • Just to close the loop on my issue with Transcranial …
          I’m sad to say that I just received email notice from both Transcranial and Paypal that Transcranial has issued me a refund.
          I was hoping to actually receive their foc.us V2 product — it sounds like a great design.
          Maybe it’s just a problem with customs here to the U.S. — but foc.us still needs to improve it’s customer relations.
          A note to all the tDCS folks out there … you really should also try pulsed DC — not just a steady DC voltage.
          Now I’ve got to go build my own again.
          Thanks for all your feedback on foc.us — I wish them the best.

          • That’s unfortunate. It does seem though that other buyers are receiving product now. I know that vendors can’t afford to offend Paypal even in the slightest, so after you put the refund request in I’m not sure what else they could do. I think you caught them right after they had that setback with the MOOVS. What about reaching out to Mike in an email first and if/when you get a response, placing another order then? P.S. In de-activating the email addresses, I just noticed you said you were emailing to mikeATfocDOTusDOTcom. Did you mean mikeATfocDOTus, it’s not a .com url.

          • John, thanks for the idea to try again with foc.us
            I went back and checked my “Sent” folder and confirmed that I did send emails to help and mike at foc.us
            While typing in that entry back on July 26, I reflexively added the dot com — but good catch — wish that could have been the problem (in any case, I never received an email bounce).
            I’ll try again, but my technical questions from 6 months ago that I sent to help and then “mike” several weeks ago resulted in no response — in this day and age, several months is ample time for someone to respond to email for a potential sale.
            After placing my order, if “mike” would have just responded and informed me that it might take several months to send me a unit, that might have been acceptable.
            I’ve had just about every experience possible with internet commerce and learned to not let things slide if they don’t seem right (Paypal has their rules, too — and I’m glad that something like Paypal offers the protection that it does).
            It would still be very interesting to know if foc.us has problems sending this type of device to certain countries.
            As a secondary solution, what is considered the next best functional product like the foc.us V2 out there?
            I need to find a unit that allows pulsed (for alpha and theta), and ideally with adjustable duty cycle (pulse-width).
            Thanks again.

  11. Is there ANY evidence, even anecdotal, that this device may help relieve Tinnitus? Desperately looking for tinnitus relief. Patti

  12. Canadian chiropractor just about to graduate, heavy biomechanical background and interested it learning more about “priming the brain” via tDCS… REALLY interested in learning more from you guys and giving your product a go

    • Not positive but I believe the term ‘dose’ in this context would refer to a maximum of 80mA in a single session, i.e. 2mA for 40 minutes. Current flow and limiting exposure to accidental current spikes has been discussed at length at the tDCS sub-Reddit.

  13. Producing a story on tDCS and other cognitive enhancers . Looking to chat with people in Australia who might be experimenting at home using tech or pharmaceuticals). Can be completely anon. if that’s what people want.

    Anyone got any leads for me?

  14. I am creating a document for techs that purchase our equipment. I ran across your image of electrode placement. I was hoping to get permission to use your image in my document.

  15. Dear John,
    Thank you for the very useful information about tDCS.
    The Dutch television program ‘De Kennis van Nu’ is making an episode about tDCS. We would like to speak (by Skype) to one or two gamers who use tDCS equipment to improve their gaming skills. Do you play computer games yourself or could you get me in contact with gamers who use tDCS?
    Thank you in advance!

  16. John,
    I just wanted to write you to tell you how much I appreciate your website and all your efforts in assembling all this wonderful information. These basics (and more) have propelled me into various avenues of research and interest. My curiosity is truly unbridled and your site has been able to provide me with a suitable ‘fix’ for my addiction.

    If at all I could be of any service to your site, research, or anything at all I would gladly love to give back. Please feel free to contact me.

    Best regard,

    ruderubik [reddit] (Tim Hay)

    • Thanks Tim!
      Yes for me as well it’s all about curiosity. Mine is only somewhat throttled at the moment as I await latest research results. The Davis tDCS Summit reminded me how early on we really are.
      One thing the site sorely needs is accounts from individuals like yourself. If you ever feel like writing up a post outlining your personal experience and what led you to tDCS I’d be happy to publish it here.

  17. Dear John,

    On behalf of Dr. Marom Bikson, we are organizing NYC Neuromodulation (http://nycneuromodulation.com/) a conference in New York City on November 22-23, 2013 chaired by Dr. Bikson. The speakers include those at the forefront of tDCS (Michael Nitsche, Walter Paulus, Vince Walsh, Vince Clark, et cetera). On the program, you will see there will be many lectures, a couple panel discussions, posters sessions and several tDCS practical courses. Industry will also be well represented with many neurotechnology sponsors (NeuroConn, Rogue Resolutions, Brain Vision, Magstim, ANT-Neuro, et cetera). I believe this may be of interest to you and your site visitors please let me know if you’d like to advertise and I could send more formal promo text. We will try to get video recordings to publish online but this is of course at the discretion of the speakers.

    Best regards,
    NYC Neuromodulation

  18. You openly state you are not an expert in the use of tDCS or neuroscience. Why then do you comment on others research as though you have the appropriate background to judge such research? As a tDCS researcher, I am offended and disgusted by your posts. People like you shed a dark light on science and give it a bad name when you draw these false conclustions. You are not qualified to make such judgements. I would recommend that people who are interested in the truth to not read your misinformed posts and draw their own conclusions from the actual experts themselves. You speak like you know when you really have no clue and could easily be poisoning other people’s minds with your ignorance. Why not blog about things you actually have an expertise in?

    • Annonymous,

      Please verify that you have the credentials that you claim to have. How about sharing your experiences and clarifying your positions? I often see so called experts on ANY subject tear into people on the net hiding behind anonymity.

      I for one appreciate the efforts that John and other have made to present information. At least for me, it has markedly changed my life for the better.

      Hiding behind a degree or certification is just that. I have had doctors who were brilliant and also one who scheduled me for unnecessary surgery because he suffered from excessive pride and would not give me a relativity simple test due to the fact that I (the patient) had suggested, because of looking things up on the net, that I likely had a specific infectiousness disease. In this case I was proved right when I got a second opinion and the Dr. Asked why, since I had ALL the symptoms that the test had not been done. I am not a doctor, but often individuals especially those with a profound interest in a subject will show great understanding and insight into the topic of interest.

      One of my doctors suggests an otc supplement that I found and only years later were further studies done confirming the conclusions Were my conclusions to be considered incorrect due to my lack of an MD behind my name? Or did I source the expert work of others and come to an intelligent conclusion? Certainly I could have been wrong but credentials do not make a person right or wrong.

      I think you could do better.

  19. Hi i had the idea to create an information resource in the form of wiki about tDCS and other transcranial neurostimulation.

    The reason is so that the community around tDCS is quite fragmented and in forums is finding information very time consuming.

    You are be interested to participate?

    I serching for anyone have the opportunity to establish a wiki site/server with comment ability.

    ATA from BRMLAB orlin1@seznam.cz

    Please put here links to discussion forums about tDCS would be niceto find out

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