Marom Bikson’s ‘tDCS State of the Art’ Lecture Now On YouTube

There’s just so much going on in tDCS right now that it’s hard to keep track. Coupled with the fact that I don’t have a Uni account that lets me access new paper (although I’ve had some help there from time to time). One of my objectives is to understand what’s going on well enough to present you with an accurate overview of what’s new. But lately research papers are coming so quickly that it’s been overwhelming.

But here’s my take-away from Marom’s lecture: Electrode placement does not necessarily correlate with current flow! At least not the way one might assume. Watch the videos to get a clear picture.


One thought on “Marom Bikson’s ‘tDCS State of the Art’ Lecture Now On YouTube

  1. So does the High Definition tDCS mean that the regular electrode pads are obsolete and not as effective? It looked like in the video that the old way of using electrodes effects a larger area compared to a more direct HD tDCS approach?

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