Another DIY tDCS Video

Hard to imagine how he’d have learned enough about tDCS to build a device, but have gotten the (typical) montage so wrong. Placing the cathode over left DLPFC and anode over right orbital is exactly the opposite of what you’ll find in most studies related to both depression and working memory. He doesn’t go into how he’s constructed his electrodes at all. Anecdotally, it is interesting that the reverse montage made him feel angry and depressed.


4 thoughts on “Another DIY tDCS Video

  1. Hi John, I have been retrieving this video since I watched this weeks ago. Can you provide reference where you found the centre-head cathodal placement? Any caveat that you have found out with this placement?
    Thank you

  2. Hello John. I greatly enjoyed this talk about your experiences with tDCS.

    I’m very interested in getting my own device together. I, too, found some schematics online from Reddit, but I know very little about electronic engineering. There are a lot of little bits, such as how to wire it all together that are unclear. Do you know of any instructions that would enable an amateur like myself to be able to construct one of these devices? I would be greatly in your debt.


    • Hi Andrew! Thanks for stopping by. Have you looked through Brent Williams’s site SpeakWisdom? He’s very focused on helping people get an inexpensive device of their own and is always exploring what’s available and simple. Best, John

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