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One of the first things I notice about TDCS is that it’s like being able to set an appointment for a power nap. Time goes by at an unbelievable clip. Twenty minutes is a long time just to sit near someone blinking at you, so Fugedy leaves the room. He gives me a big gold Salvation Army bell so I can alert him when the 20 minutes are up. When he comes back into the room, I think he must have forgotten something. It feels like only five minutes, but it turns out 19 have already passed. I’m even slightly annoyed, as if I’ve been interrupted.

TDCS sort of feels like you’re about to fall asleep while knowing that you won’t completely conk out. My breathing slowed way down, and I started to feel cold. I was so relaxed, I couldn’t imagine having to shoot a gun like Sally Adee. I don’t know what ‘flow’ feels like but my thoughts became jumbled. I often daisy-chain absurd thoughts to entertain myself as I drift into sleep but this was different. I felt like I had no control over the remote.

via Would TDCS make me smarter? – Mary H K Choi – Aeon.
With the most valuable bit of info in the comments from Mrd about the montage he uses for his bipolar disorder…

What I currently do which involves suppressing the area between p4 and t4 while activating the left motor cortex or Wernickes area which means the current goes across from one side of the brain to the other has worked very well. I compliment this with using the typical montage for depression on alternate days.. I have found that I no longer need to do these as much probably due to neuroplasticity.

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    • Actually, I’m not using any device. For me there remains a lot of questions to be answered. That said, I would state that my initial curiosity was related to the potential cognitive enhancing aspects of tDCS.

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