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I have always excelled at learning languages, currently I am fluent in English my native tongue , French, German and Spanish. Ever since I was a little kid I found it fascinating to learn new, complex and rare words and spelling them out. I had this almost 6th sense for their structure. This applied to every language that I tried to learn.I started tDCS 2 months ago and did the common fp2 f3 montage. Since then I have had real trouble with spelling words, I find myself – for the first time in my life – having to google how to spell even the most simple and everyday words. It’s excruciatingly frustrating and saddening. I was hoping for a career in language and writing, but that dream seems bleak now.

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  1. I think you are confusing dyslexia with aphasia, which sounds a lot more like what your symptoms are. The montage you are using is the format for treating depression, but you didn’t mention why you were using tDCS in the first place (was it for depression or something else?) You also didn’t state the polarity of the electrodes as you were using them (positive/negative/left/right.) If the polarity is reversed, you can make things worse, as opposed to better. I suggest you read this “Economist” article and do more research before continuing with tDCS on your own.

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