Help me go to NYC Neuromodulation by Nathan Whitmore – GoFundMe

Hi! I’m Nathan Whitmore, AKA /u/ohsnapitsnathan . I design open-source, DIY brain stimulators OpenStim and BrainKit and I moderate Reddit’s brain stimulator forum. I’m raising money to go to the New York Neuromodulation conference this January and talk about open-source brain stimulators and the DIY community!
WHY: While I currently work in a research lab studying how the brain controls attention, I’m really a tDCS DIYer at heart—I built my first tDCS unit two years ago, when I was in college, and started working on OpenStim a few months later. What these experiences made me aware of is that there’s a large and growing communication gap between people who research tDCS, and the vast majority of those who actually use it. That’s bad for everyone, because it means that what we research and what we actually care about start to diverge.

via Help me go to NYC Neuromodulation by Nathan Whitmore – GoFundMe.

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