The Brain Stimulator tDCS Travel Model

Brain Stimulator just announced their new ‘Travel Model’.

tDCS Portable Travel Model with Coin

Complete Package for the tDCS Travel ModelPortable tDCS Travel Model - Side ViewView of the electrode Jack for the tDCS Travel ModelInternals of The Brain Stimulator Travel ModelPocket Sized Portable tDCS DevicePocket Sized Portable tDCS Travel Model


Now Available!

The smallest, lightest, and most affordable tDCS device is finally here. Looking for a portable tDCS option? Something you can slip in your pocket and can go anywhere with you? Or looking to just try out tDCS to see if it’s right for you? The Brain Stimulator tDCS Travel Model may be the answer for you!

This device features a switch that allows you to access “high” and “low” (2mA and 1mA) settings, a convenient electrode jack on the top, 3 feet of electrode wires, and a smooth small design capable of going almost anywhere. (Note 9V battery not included)

via The Brain Stimulator tDCS Travel Model.

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