tDCS and Tinnitus

Reader Patty asked if there were reports of tDCS being effective in the treatment of tinnitus. As this is an important issue to me as well, I thought I’d collect whatever related links I have to the research in one place. While the results I’ve read here seem inconclusive, if I were one of the 3% of tinnitus sufferers for whom the constant sound is extremely disturbing, I wouldn’t hesitate to try one of the protocols outlined in these studies. If you have information to share about your own experiences with tDCS and tinnitus please post them in a comment.



2 thoughts on “tDCS and Tinnitus

  1. I’ve recently read that tRNS was more effective than either tACS or tDCS in suppressing tinnitus. I just bought a v2 which supports tDCS as well as tRNS (as well as a couple other modes like tPCS).

    So I’d like to try and start treating my tinnitus this way. But I have no idea what montage to use other than maybe trying a tDCS montage for treating T.

    Think this might have a chance of working ? Or might I need to find one specific for tRNS. Any idea where I could find info for treating tinnitus using tRNS?


    • Where you read that tRNS was more effective, did they mention the montage they used? I’d probably start there. But basically, this is all so new that you ARE on your own. You might try posting on the tDCS subReddit in case there are others self-treating for tinnitus.

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