New ‘Vibes’ From Thync

[Update 20151104] Have asked via Twitter if there was additional (to their study PDF) science to verify these, well could you call them claims? Will update this post as information emerges.

I haven’t seen any word of this on their site or Twitter, but it appears Thync is set to launch new ‘vibes’. It’s also possible that because I’m on their mailing list, I’m part of a marketing test. You’ll recall that a ‘vibe’ is a desired outcome from a setting on their hardware. Thync launched with the ‘Calm’ and ‘Energy’ vibe. The email announces the ‘Workout Vibe’, the ‘Zen Vibe’ and the ‘Holiday Vibe’.


I would assume each Vibe represents a unique waveform? Was there additional science as well or based off previous study?

@DIYtDCS Yes all are distinct waveforms & rigoursly tested on 100+ volunteers/week. 15,000+ total vibes used by customers in Oct alone
— Jamie (@jamiethync) November 4, 2015

@DIYtDCS  Interesting… of course, the app tracks use! No doubt some fascinating data emerging, especially as new Vibes come online.

@DIYtDCS You got it! Neuromod research on new level. Industrial data leads to new insights/capabilities & improved tech across the board.

4 thoughts on “New ‘Vibes’ From Thync

  1. So, are all the waveforms, pwm, ppm, voltage, current , frequency, etc ‘proprietary’?

    Or is that something that is shared somewhere?

    Saw DIY is site name on WSJ article this AM, is this not DIY, just another set of scam artiests?

    • BTW, old fart retired EE, have experimented electrically on myself since 1950, when first noticed a tingle on fingers from my little vacuum tube powered record player whilst sitting on the cold air duct of mom and dad’s house. Have gotten plenty stimulation electrically over the years just grabbing something ‘wrong’ in the lab.

  2. I’ve tried the thync unit and can’t really tell if it has an effect. I do feel the tingling but I mean not sure it has an effect on mood or energy. Have any of you tried it? Regarding the tingling, it appears some people like it since it connotes it’s working, while others would rather know it’s working without a sensation.

    • Hi Kris, I haven’t tried Thync yet. I wonder, if having more ‘vibes’, there will be a better likelihood of one of them doing something you can detect. I just clicked the Buy button in my email from Thync and it took me to a sales page for the device, but there were no extra ‘vibes’ for sale. Probably they’re doing some early testing of a new marketing campaign. My issue with all forms of brain stimulation has always been ‘how do I know it’s doing anything’. But my objective has been cognitive enhancement. When I read the reports from people self-treating for depression there’s not much doubt that it’s helping them. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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