Nathan Looks At The Braindriver

Nathan, who is our resident expert (and moderator) over at the tDCS Subreddit (you might recall his review of the Focus v2 device) just took a good look at The Braindriver. You can find the full review here.

One thought on “Nathan Looks At The Braindriver

  1. The ripple is an effect of the up conversion required to reach the 24V (needed to overcome high resistance). This up conversion is a dc – dc switching circuit, so even though there are capacitors at the end to minimize the ripple, there caps were not large enough.

    Also the lengths of the spikes are a concern, even with an MCU design, the regulation should be better than that.

    To be not entirely negative, I give the Brain Driver people some credit to come up with an MCU based, molded plastic design for so cheap.

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