4 thoughts on “Foc.us Announces New Sponge Electrodes

  1. Just to give you an idea of where your order might be, you might be able to compare it against my orders. Dates are in (dd/mm/yy) format. My relative order numbers are 1,40, and 159

    Order Date Item ShipOn DelOn
    13/03/2016 Go Flow Try tDCS – Stimulator, Cable & Pads 26/04/2016 28/04/2016
    18/03/2016 Go Flow Pro 17/05/2016 19/05/2016
    29/04/2016 Accessories Not shipped

    Best Wishes,

    • I understand that for some there have been shipping issues. I’m assuming there are lots of customers also, who didn’t have problems, but I think it’s great that Caputron is now offering them as well. I made sure they had them in stock before posting their availability there. Best, John

  2. I ordered a Go Flow over 6 weeks ago and have not received any replies to my multiple emails or attempts to contact Foc.us through reddit. I was promised 2-3 week shipping and have received no updates. I think it’s important for potential customers to know that Foc.us has absolutely terrible customer service and you cannot believe their delivery estimates or any information they provide. additionally, should you have any issues, there is no way to get ahold of anyone at the company. Please include this with any information you provide about foc.us products.

    • Yes there is this issue of Customer Service that keeps popping up. I know they’ve been trying a lot harder. My understanding was that the new GoFlow was scheduled to ship mid April. I was hoping we’d start hearing from happy customers around now. OTOH, following their journey as a bootstrapped hardware startup has sensitized me to all the things that can go wrong. Hopefully it’s just a glitch but customer service is the reason I don’t actually recommend the Focus products at the moment. Can you try contacting mike[theAtsign]foc.us directly and let us know what happens? Best, John

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