Caputron Now Carrying Focus GoFlow Starter Kit

Update 7/25/16 Caputron just announced their Banana Adapter for Focus Devices which facilitates use of Focus with Amrex or Caputron electrodes.

Caputron will be handling all Customer Support on GoFlow devices purchased through their site. At this time they have over 100 units in stock. If you’re not familiar with Caputron please check out my interview with founder Robin Azzam. Caputron has extended their discount to DIYtDCS readers for all products on their site, including the GoFlow. Use voucher code ‘diytdcs’ (without the quotation marks) for a generous discount.

New Go Flow Pro package.

New Go Flow Pro package.


3 thoughts on “Caputron Now Carrying Focus GoFlow Starter Kit

  1. Hello, I am a bit confused about a few things.
    1. voltage vs millamps (2 recommended MA vs. MA). Upon looking at the comparision page I did not see any MA listed…only the voltage. Do all these devices give off 2 MA? What is the importance or significance of the voltage?

    2. I do not understand when I see posts that say you cannot buy a tDCS device but on the above page there are several devices for sale. Are they not tDCS? How do they differ? If I were to buy a starting kit, which would you recommend and does it have everything necessary to perform tDCS?

    3. I am mostly interested in tDCS for Binge Eating Disorder, Impulse control disorder and bipolar depression (I know there is not hard evidence for any of these but I have seen some studies). Do you stick the electrodes or the band in the same spots no matter which condition you’re treating? Or instead do you place the electrodes on the area of the brain that governs that specific process?

    4. How often and for what length of time (see 20 minutes written every where) do you do this?

    5. If you buy one of these machines, will it eventually run out of juice or will it last a lifetime? How often do they need to be updates (electrodes or whole machine) or completely replaced?

    6. I am a master’s level therapist, what are the implications and prohibitions of using this in my private practice?

    Thanks so much and feel free to send any literature my way. I am very serious and interested in using this device because it seems the most effective and least harmful of TMS, ECT, and DBS.

  2. Hi I am just learning about tdcs, wondering if the focus reproduces the stimulation regimen used by Katie witkiewitz in her work on meditation. Or do I need the activadose starter kit to do this. Thanks very much, Beth bagley

    • Yes, both devices support delivery of 2mA to sponge electrodes. The actual ‘regimen’ will require you to place the electrodes and set the duration. Best, John

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