Memory Test | BBC One

Memory test
Featuring Swansea University researcher Claire J. Hanley Lucy Owen explores a new way of improving her memory. Will she score better at a memory test once her brain has been stimulated by electromagnetic impulses?

>@clairejhanley What would you call that montage?
Claire J. Hanley @clairejhanley
@DIYtDCS the montage used was position T7 (anode)/T8(cathode) from the 10-10 system

4 thoughts on “Memory Test | BBC One

  1. I’d be interested in trying this however Claire stated that the montage was on the 10-10 system. What would that correlate to on the 10-20 system?


  2. What is the point of doing this, really? It’s a practice effect in this case, if there is anything. The net result is misleading readers and viewers. There is already a tDCS fad out there, this only contributes to that. It’s a bit irresponsible, actually.

    • I just updated the post with another tweet from Claire Hanley that states there is a real study in the works. But otherwise I would agree with you. The media loves this stuff. Can’t seem to get enough ‘zapping’!

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