I intentionally electrocuted my brain. Here’s why… | BBC

BBC Three's Nick Arnold takes the Focus Sports for a test drive.

BBC Three’s Nick Arnold takes the Focus Sports for a test drive.

I contacted a few people using tDCS to cure their depression via social media. Mario, 32 from Mexico, told me it was working for him.

“I think it is great. You can see a lot of improvements in your mood. The more you use it the better you feel.”

Another user, eagee, wrote, “I suffered from depression for almost 25 years, and after I started applying tDCS I’ve had two years so far without it.”

If tDCS really can be so life changing for depression patients, why isn’t it more widely available?

According to Dr. Williams, “the equipment is so simple that it cannot be patented in the US. And if no one can own the rights to tDCS, no one can make a profit on it.”

That’s why, according to its supporters, tCDS is being ignored by major drug companies.

4 thoughts on “I intentionally electrocuted my brain. Here’s why… | BBC

  1. Please can you advise on the current needed and length of treatment – the specifications needed for a therapeutic effect for longer term major depression
    I wanti to know so that I can discuss the best therapy with my Doctor
    Thank uou !

    • I’m sure the Go Flow has sufficient current. I don’t believe it ships with the cap, that would be separate, in fact I don’t see it currently available on their website.

      Go Flow Pro – Stimulator, Cable, Sponge holders, Sponges & Headband

      But as long as you’re going to experiment with tDCS it seems to me to make sense to go for the V2 or V3 if only for the tACS.

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