Treating Depression With tDCS | IEEE Spectrum

Excellent article on the state of prescribed tDCS for depression.
Full article: Treating Depression With tDCS: Startup Ybrain Aims for the Mainstream

In South Korea, Ybrain is betting that these benefits and its slick consumer-friendly design will speed adoption of its device. “It’s designed for home use,” says Ybrain CEO Lee, “so physician can electronically prescribe the device and patients can bring it to their homes.”

2 thoughts on “Treating Depression With tDCS | IEEE Spectrum

  1. Hello
    Does the Ybrain also work to treat bipolar 2 depression ?
    Comparibel to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator ?
    Kind regard
    Jacqueline Anne de Visser

    • Hi Jacqueline. Looking over the Ybrain website I’m seeing only that their device is currently in approved trials for ‘Major Depressive Order’. You can’t currently purchase one of their devices (in the U.S. anyway). Also I believe it uses a different mechanism than the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. Best, John.

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