Electrical Shocks to Brain Accelerate Learning – MarketWatch

Interesting, a press release via MarketWatch.

MRN researchers also developed novel electrode technology that increases the safety and comfort of subjects. They recorded magnetoencephalography (MEG) during brain stimulation with TDCS to document the enhanced responses to stimuli. Brain response to activation of a sensory nerve in the arm was significantly larger with TDCS compared to a mock TDCS control condition. The sensory-evoked brain wave remained 2.5 times greater than normal 30 minutes after TDCS. Results suggest that TDCS increases cerebral cortex excitability, thereby increasing responses to sensory input and accelerating memory formation.

via Electrical Shocks to Brain Accelerate Learning – MarketWatch.

One thought on “Electrical Shocks to Brain Accelerate Learning – MarketWatch

  1. I wonder what are the premise of these articles by omitting the instruction of these experiments, such as the placement and intervals of tdcs experiments? It is a P.I.T.A to look for these in-depth details and also to replicate what was reported. This is definitely the incompetency of media in reporting science, either being bad science or scientifically-illiterate.

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