GoFlow Kickstarter Campaign DENIED!

I’m on the GoFlow mailing list and received this update this morning.

Hello all you beautiful peoples, 

We’ve been silent for a few weeks now, and it’s time to bring you all up to speed on the GoFlow project again. (The diy tDCS kit if you’ve forgotten) We have officially been rejected from Kickstarter, and are delaying the production of our devices for a short while.

However we do have some progress to share with you all, and enough info to get anyone who is interested a decent way along in building your own. See below.

While it’s too bad that we are not able to rock a Kickstarter campaign, we move forward. During the process of getting the project ready for crowd funding we ran into a few legality concerns that probably would have stopped us from launching as quickly as we had planned, even if we were approved for Kickstarter.

We are taking the time to investigate these concerns now before we do something to prematurely sink our metaphorical ship. If any of you have any experience or thoughts that you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you.

Out main obstacles right now are:

  • FDA classification concerns
  • and subsequently approval

We’d love to hear from any of you that have experience with working with, and or around, the FDA. We’re talking to a few specialists and mentors now, but we are interested in leveraging the collective knowledge of you all as well.

We will keep you all updated to our progress as we move forward.


The prototype

This is what we have built so far. Full details available at www.flowstateengeged.com

Current circuit diagram

Our current circuit design. Feel free to download it!

10 thoughts on “GoFlow Kickstarter Campaign DENIED!

  1. yeah FDA is controlling this so BIG ASS COMPANIES can mass produce.
    small guys wont get any foot in the door. The days of opportunistic quick money making is over. They’ve padded the system of red tape so that only pre existing mega corps interested are protected.
    nice try tho

    perhaps it would be nice if u popped the simplest schematic online, one with just a battery, a current regulator and what resistor is needed to get that optimal 2mA…
    That would be very nice of you…
    But in a way I guess u don’t want to do that since you exhibit similar behavior as the FDA, wanted to stop people from doing this, the irony is your caught in the middle.

  2. Are you going to have variable frequency adjustments with the device? What I mean is will you be able to pulse the voltage at set frequencies? such as the 7.83 hz that the alpha waves run at?

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