CES (Cranial electrotherapy stimulation) Devices Currently (Ha!) Available

Turns out there are numerous ‘FDA Cleared’ CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation AC) devices available for sale in the U.S. when recommended and prescribed by your doctor. Typically these devices are recommended for pain but also for depression. They also seem to be recommended for use in drug treatment. Cost of the device is sometimes covered by insurance.

[Video was removed from Youtube] That clip shows both the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and the Alpha-Stim devices.

More from Fisher Wallace. [Video was removed from Youtube]

Also for doctors: How to prescribe the device.


A couple of other available devices: CES Ultra and European manufacturer Onko Cet offers the Transair series of transcranial electrostimulation (TES) devices.


4 thoughts on “CES (Cranial electrotherapy stimulation) Devices Currently (Ha!) Available

  1. Although not currently for sale in the USA, the Elexoma Medic is an FDA registered microcurrent device. It has 8 preset channels, 6 of which can be used for tDCS. The other two channels are biphasic.

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