TDCS-Transcranial-Direct-Current: My TDCs Experiment

Gareth is experimenting with his own device and measuring protocol. This was his first post he recently completed his 4th experiment.

My name is Gareth Morgan Thomas. I am an electronics engineer amongst many things and am interested in cognitive enhancement.
To this end I have built a TDCs device and am awaiting my disposable electrodes which I will have in 2 days.
I will initially use the protocols for math improvement and working memory.
I also want to use drawing and art to improve my visual memory and imagination so I will use TDCs to this end also.
My objective is general intelligence enhancement.
At some point I will test my IQ and then again after various protocols.
I will utilize the curve of forgetting to reinforce the TDCs rather than just using a protocol once.
This blog is to be the journal of my experimentation.

via TDCS-Transcranial-Direct-Current: My TDCs Experiment.

2 thoughts on “TDCS-Transcranial-Direct-Current: My TDCs Experiment

  1. I’m wondering why I see so much interest from young brain / bio hackers on tCS and relatively little mention of TES or CES machines…
    As far as I know, these devices are also expensive and inaccessible for most people who’d it could help the most.

    CES from what I’ve read seems to have more health promoting research done on it so I’d imagine making thee devices affordable could be helping many more people in the world.

    thanks for your time and good luck on your efforts

    • It’s a good question. tDCS seems ‘hot’ right now. CES has been around a lot longer and is FDA approved for depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. I took a look at the Fisher Wallace CES device earlier on the blog but I will do a deeper dive at some point. (If you have any personal CES experience you’d like to share, I’d be happy to publish it as a blog post.) But probably too the attention to tDCS is due to its simplicity and the possibility that you could build one yourself or from a kit inexpensively.

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