DYI Electro Shock Therapy, Can it Make You Smarter? | Vocativ

I could do without all the electroshock cutaways. Interesting that the same protocol & montage that so improved the Radiolab reporter’s results with the stereograms did nothing for this reporter. The reverse-polartiy montage did however seem to have quite an effect on producer Justin. Both these montages are discussed in my interview with Michael Weisend.

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  1. I saw you on the Doctors program. I have a 29 years old son who has been dx at age 6 with Educably mentally handicapped from cerebral palsy. His apgar score was 10. I believe he had reaction from immunizations as he did not have any signs of developmental delay until after we started them. He lives on his own but has to have me oversee his financial affairs. He wants to be able to be educated enough to get a good paying job, preferably in law enforcement, but unable to academically achieve this. He can not stay focused long enough to absorb the information. Can your brain stimulation technique help him? Could he be included in some of your research? He is only on Medicare and I am retired so money is an issue. Thank you and your colleagues for considering Scott and his case.

    • Hi Charlon, I’m not a practitioner. I am simply curious about tDCS and for that reason put together this blog that collects and shares information. Best, John

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