Scientists Uncover Surprising New Tools to Rejuvenate the Brain |

Another research and product development group to keep an eye on. Dr. Adam Gazzaley director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center at UCSF has pioneered the development of software video games designed to improve aging brain health. In presentations he’s introduced tDCS as a possible neuromodulator for cognitive enhancement. From the story quoted below I would conclude that he has partnered with Akili for the purpose of creating a product which may (or may not) include tDCS.

The next version of the game, which Gazzaley is developing with Boston-based Akili Interactive Labs, where he is chief science adviser, will feature closed loops that adapt during every second of play. Gazzaley’s lab is also working on new games that employ transcranial electrical stimulation, a very mild shock targeted to particular parts of the brain to enhance learning. When playing one of these new games, the player receives low-frequency bursts of energy in certain parts of the frontal lobe. “We are studying if you learn faster if you play a game while we stimulate you at the right frequency,” Gazzaley explains.

via Blood Work: Scientists Uncover Surprising New Tools to Rejuvenate the Brain |

See also: tDCS discussed at 13:56

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