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One report on Thync from CES in Las Vegas. Will update if I find more.

thync-calm-kit-zaps-your-brain-into-feeling-calm-or-energeticThe device pairs via Bluetooth to a mobile app with the calming and energizing sessions, which can be anywhere from five to 20 minutes long. Once the device is in place, you select your session from the app and hang out until it’s over. Sitting still isn’t mandatory, and I was prompted to talk with other people in the room during my session. The mobile app shows a dial that indicates how far into the program you are and the intensity levels of the electrical pulses that are going to your brain. You can make them stronger or less intense as needed. I kept mine at about 65 percent. When my session ended, my ear immediately stopped tingling. I removed the sensors, and the small crowd of Thync staff and partners were eager to know, “How do you feel?”
“Pretty much the same,” I said. “I don’t know how I am supposed to feel, though.” One woman, based on her own experiences, suggested more clarity, like a fog lifting. Another person used the word “motivated.” I didn’t want to disappoint them, but I felt, well, totally normal.Perhaps, it was suggested, I might get a little kick a few minutes after leaving the room, but it didn’t seem to happen.Thync has tested the device on around 4,000 subjects so far. Tyler said they see about a 30 to 40 percent reduction in the physiological responses to stressful situations, meaning when people are being calmed by the Thync Calm Kit, their actual biosignals, like heart rate and galvanic skin response, are lower or fewer than that of a control group that’s also being artificially stressed and treated with a placebo device.

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