tDCS tACS tPCS tRNS Comparison Chart

Borrowed (screen shot) from the July 2014 Roi Cohen Kadosh edited ‘The Stimulated Brain’ (Google Books link which, though many pages missing, is still full of excellent info or buy it on  Amazon,affiliate link).
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2 thoughts on “tDCS tACS tPCS tRNS Comparison Chart

  1. As you probably know, has added a timed start feature so that one may estimate when they will be in REM sleep and start the tACS stimulation to begin at that time…. do you have any suggestions on the optimal settings for all the options on the device to best replicate the Voss conditions?

    • I’m excited about it as well, though I’m not familiar enough with the Focus to have a suggestion for you. You might run your question by the tDCS subReddit, I’m betting there are few on the quest for lucid dreaming.

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