Positioning Electrodes

This instructional video demonstrates the correct way to measure and place electrodes. In a clinical setting, with a medical grade tDCS device (Soterix), a subject is measured for electrode placement on the primary motor cortex. The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex region is also shown. This is the first time I’ve seen the video on Youtube (making it easy to share). Previously it could only be found here, where an associated pdf which includes illustrations is also made available.


3 thoughts on “Positioning Electrodes

  1. So, came to take a look after this AM WSJ article
    where is the main link with info on current, voltage, waveforms, pwm, frequency, modulation, etc.
    Or has the technology not gotten that far, just some boxes with digital readouts making folks think there is a real science here?
    Any links here with ekg run simultaneous with application.

    PS: taped a toy train transformer to head years ago, didn’t feel anything, butt ma spieling ghat wusrt.

    • Art B, the WSJ also linked to the tDCS subReddit where a lot of details get discussed. But you’ll find there too, there’s a lot of noise. Most of what you’re looking for is on my site, it’s buried in there with a lot of other tDCS/brain stim material. Here’s one Open tDCS project. Also Nathan who is a moderator at the subReddit has a site of his own and speaks your language. This is gated, but probably the most advanced published circuit I’ve seen. The DIY circuits have evolved over the last few years. As the Direct To Consumer tDCS devices got better and cheaper, fewer people built there own and much of the initial ‘DIY’ aspect moved over to talking about self-treatment or cognitive enhancement.

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