tDCS Depression Montage

Marom Bikson (no less!) demonstrating depression montage using the Soterix EasyStrap.

From a recent Marom Bikson slide deck.

From a recent Marom Bikson slide deck (pdf).

4 thoughts on “tDCS Depression Montage

  1. This is great! Thanks so much for sharing it. I just started tDCS for depression. In my first session I used the typical placement above the eye, and it gave me a headache, even on a very low setting. Today I used this version (more on the temple than above the eye), and no headache! 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say ‘entirely’ different. The anode, red, F3 electrode is placed similarly. And that’s where the current is targeted. The cathode is less crucial. It’s often placed on the opposite (to the anode) shoulder, for example. In any case, I would defer to Bikson’s montage. Considering all the work he’s doing with computer modeling of current flow as well as High Definition electrodes I’m confident that the photo represents ‘state of the art’ placement for depression using sponge electrodes.
      [I removed one of your links so as not to be giving the impression I endorse the Apex device.]

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