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This is my optimistic (hopeful) look forward; one day soon, we will have “Tools for the Mind” (TEDx) that we can use to better ourselves. Certainly we need more research and the technology is early stage, but with something so transformative, the time to discuss its implications to society is now. I mention those issues as a call to action. Pay close attention for a sneak peak image at one technology thats exists today ‪#‎wearable‬-medicine


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    • Hi Nick,
      The problem is that there are no guaranteed results. The whole idea of ‘results’ is questionable where people aren’t actually measuring the results in any tangible way. That is what has kept me from further experiments around cognitive enhancement. There does seem to me to be enough evidence in the literature to support the use of tDCS in the treatment of depression. The only FDA approved device (for Iontophoresis, not tDCS) is the ActivaDose II, which Caputron offers in a tDCS kit form. But at (currently) $400 it’s a lot to spend for an experiment. Alternately Caputron offers a variety of tDCS kits to choose from.

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