Halo Neuroscience Launches ‘Halo Sport’

Update 2/29/16. Halo Neuroscience launched the Halo Sport via ProductHunt. Details of the device are discussed in the comment section and includes input from CEO Daniel Chao and CTO Brett Wingeier. In a Medium article industrial designer Matty Martin talks … Continue reading

Brain Stimulation | AirmanMagazineOnline

  Published on Mar 13, 2017 Dr. Andy McKinley is the leader of the Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) Team in the Cognitive Performance Optimization Section, Applied Neuroscience Branch, Warfighter Interface Division, Human Effectiveness Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. AirmanMagazineOnline … Continue reading

Do DIY Brain-Booster Devices Work? | Scientific America

Excellent article traces the rise in tDCS interest. Includes many of the key players and links to important research papers. Do DIY Brain-Booster Devices Work? I explore how a carefully controlled lab procedure got out to the masses. #tDCS https://t.co/jKambHRWtE … Continue reading

Anna Wexler – DIY tDCS Podcast #6 – Regulating tDCS

https://www.diytdcs.com/podcast/Anna-Wexler-20160226-DIYtDCS-Podcast-Episode-6.mp3 Anna Wexler is a Ph.D. candidate in the HASTS Program (History, Anthropology, Science, Technology, and Society) at MIT. Her dissertation focuses on the ethical, social and regulatory implications of consumer non-invasive brain stimulation. She is currently a 2015-2016 visiting … Continue reading