News from GoFlow! Good and Bad

From the people at GoFlow…

Some sad news.

And some good news too.

As most have you have probably noticed, we haven’t made much progress on the GoFlow project in the last 6 months. We hit some obstacles, both in the business and in our personal lives, that kept us from making the progress we wanted.

We love tDCS and can’t wait to see it become available to everyone. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be the people making that happen. However, our friends at have just launched and offer a great alternative.

Thank you all for your incredible support throughout the last year, we wish we could have successfully gotten GoFlow into your hands.

Some exciting news!

Our friends over at have just launched, and they have devices for sale!

We wanted to make sure to leave you with an alternative.

We’ve been in contact with the guys over a for quite awhile now. They’re some pretty awesome folks who are incredibly smart.

They just started selling their tDCS device last week, and have a limited quantity available. They have achieved much of what we were attempting to, and we’re really excited to see where they go.

Check out the tDCS device!

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