Pulvinarneuro / Frohlich Lab Announce XCSITE 100 tDCS tACS Research Device

“By researchers, for reseachers.” In this video Flavio Frohlich presents his Pulvinarneuro.com XCSITE 100 tDCS tACS Research Device. Flavio runs the Frohlich Lab at the University of North Carolina UNC Neuroscience Center. His research has been covered elsewhere in the … Continue reading

Sleep Spindles tACS and Memory Consolidation | Frohlich Lab

For the first time, UNC School of Medicine scientists report using transcranial alternating current stimulation, or tACS, to target a specific kind of brain activity during sleep and strengthen memory in healthy people. Flavio Frohlich, PhD Full Story: No dream: … Continue reading

Stimulating the Creative Brain – Morten Friis-Olivarius | PlatoScience

 Stimulating the Creative Brain | Morten Friis-Olivarius | TEDxOslo PlatoScience.com PlatoWork neurostimulation device manual. Shown here (from the video) working on the PlatoWork prototype. Note montage which according to the talk, would be focused on increasing creativity. In the … Continue reading

Slides From NIMH-sponsored tES Workshop Held September 29th and 30th at NIH

An email from Michelle Pearson at the NIH (because I had signed up for the online version of the workshop) alerted me today to a trove of TES (Transcranial Electric Stimulation) info being made available to us. Presenter slides (in … Continue reading

This Device Can Zap Your Brain Into A State Of Zen. Is That A Good Thing? | Huff Post

The device did seem to work on some level. For 15 minutes, I experienced a light pressure on the side of my forehead while the electrodes delivered pulses. Toward the end of the session and for about an hour afterward, … Continue reading

Functional role of frontal alpha oscillations in creativity

Following up on the recent Flavio Frohlich paper. Some details here in the abstract about how the boost in creativity was achieved. Creativity, the ability to produce innovative ideas, is a key higher-order cognitive function that is poorly understood. At … Continue reading