Weekend tDCS Insights – Chi & Snyder, SpeakWisdom, Carlo Miniussi

Some very excellent tDCS-related documents came to my attention over the weekend. I’m pretty sure I’d looked for at least one of them before, but that it was behind a paywall. I’ll provide links to the pdfs here, but suggest … Continue reading

What is tDCS? – Improving Visual Memory | Neural Engineering Group

[Note (updated 8/9/15): Alex is using a research version of the mindGear device. The device as available to the general public does not include a tDCS program.] The folks at the Neural Engineering Group (associated with Marom Bikson’s NY City … Continue reading

Tdcs Journal Entry 1 | Steve Hockenyos

Steve Hockenyos is demonstrating a montage he got from tDCSplacements.com which purports to Improve Insightfulness (Cathode T3, Anode T4). The ‘BraiNet Placement Cap’ Steve is using can be found at bio-medical.com. (For comparison, have a look at Soterix’s, ‘Easy Strap‘.) … Continue reading

A Treasure Trove of Stimulating Information!

Just found this in iTunesU. Wow! You’ll recognize many of these names if you’re reading the tDCS literature. I’ve only watched the Michael Weisend talks (whom we met earlier on the blog) so far. I have a much better understanding … Continue reading

PLOS ONE: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Augments Perceptual Sensitivity and 24-Hour Retention in a Complex Threat Detection Task

Vincent Clark is an author on this paper. He’s associated with the Mind Research Network. We earlier covered work by Michael Weisend, also from MRN around a Jan. 2012 paper. This paper offers further details and is available to the … Continue reading

‘Thinking caps’ are pseudoscience masquerading as neuroscience | Science | guardian.co.uk

Certainly a little perspective is warranted from time to time. Instead, Chi and Snyder’s study suffers from a catalogue of confounding factors and logical flaws. The most important of these is the “Nostradamus” problem: that by failing to control for … Continue reading

Unlock Your Inner Rain Man by Electrically Zapping Your Brain | Wired Science | Wired.com

Alan Snyder is director of Center For The Mind, an Australian research group that has published widely. He’s the co-founder of CreativityCap.com, a website that posits the possibility of accessing the ‘Mind’s Hidden Secrets’. Snyder and Chi had their subjects … Continue reading


DIYtDCS aggregates snippets of content around the latest developments in Transcarnial Direct Current Stimulation. The site is borne out of my own curiosity. I myself am not an expert in either electronics or neuroscience and am therefore probably not the … Continue reading