Insight, a growth project driven by tDCS: Cognitive enhancement montage location: L A DLPFC, R C Supra orbital

Even though measuring from cranial landmarks is one way to find these points, I always question measuring on the head, or body, because of the size differences between people. Hence to make it easier to locate the points, below are numerous pictures.

Left Anode Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC)
The left is obviously the left side of the head, and the anode is the more positive of the two leads (green wire on the Cognitive kit); current goes from electronics to anode through the head to cathode back to the electronics. For the position of the DLPFC, check out the cranium below:

And on me pointing and with a sponge electrode(see there is an advantage to having little hair, better tDCS montage location and better electrode connection).

via Insight, a growth project driven by tDCS: Cognitive enhancement montage location: L A DLPFC, R C Supra orbital.

The Cognitive Kit

I have no affiliation with this device. Just like to keep track of what’s out there and noticed this was recently released.

The Cognitive Kit is available for sale. The Cognitive Kit is a direct current device used for cognitive enhancement purposes. The Kit was designed for ease of use, comfort, and efficacy. Included in the purchase: Main unit which contains simple switching mechanism for power on, current level, and current out Cables hardwired into the Main unit so there is no chance of mistaking Anode from Cathode. Top quality Amrex Sponge electrodes are included for comfort of treatment and less side effects Headband to keep electrodes in place Two 9V batteries for more sessions without changing batteries, and the extra voltage allows a not so perfect electrode/head interface and still regulate 2mA included in the Main unit.Everything is included to quickly set up The Cogntive Kit for a cognitive enchancement session. The Cognitive Kit sells for $200 and is only shipping to US and Canada currently. Shipment will be $20 and sent to FEDEX within two days by FEDEX Gnd.

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