Dr. Jim Fugedy of the Brain Stimulation Clinic in Atlanta – DIY tDCS Podcast #2

…Update 3/16 now available as complete tDCS kit through Caputron Medical, use voucher code ‘diytdcs’ for generous discount.) Most benefit… chronic depression, treatment protocol based on Colleen Loo, Black Dog Continue reading

Slides From NIMH-sponsored tES Workshop Held September 29th and 30th at NIH

…D. Richardson, Ph.D. 9-kappenman-reproducibility Emily S. Kappenman 10-bikson-computational-modeling-design Marom Bikson, CCNY @MaromBikson 11-deng-anatomical-variability-efields Zhi-De Deng, Ph.D., NIH 12-dmochowski-targeted-stimulation-sources Jacek P. Dmochowski, CCNY 13-loo-depression-trials Colleen Loo, Black Dog Institute 14-brunoni-neuropsychiatry-large-trials André… Continue reading

Marom Bikson of Soterix Medical and CUNY – DIY tDCS Podcast Episode #3

Blackdog Institute), pain, stroke, epilepsy clinical trials ongoing. Customizing technologies to match needs of particular clinical situations. Soterix developed software designed for clinicians. HDTargeting HDExplore Modeling current flow through the… Continue reading